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If You Commit To Yourself, Here’s What Will Happen…

IF YOU COMMIT TO YOURSELF, HERE IS WHAT WILL HAPPEN!   ~Tom Bilyeu – Impact Theory  Air Date 10/29/18

Do your self a favor and watch this video.  Commitment to self is the BEST form of personal development. It teaches you to endure and to become your best self. It teaches you the importance of having a strong vision and a sense of purpose, and to stick to it NO MATTER WHAT! This video is a kick in the butt and an inspiration at the same time – do you need either or both?  My personal recommendation – Listen once all the way through, then listen a second time and take notes of things you want in front of you every day!  There will be a few!

“Hardships Often Prepare Ordinary People For An Extraordinary Destiny”  ~ C.S. Lewis

“The Purpose Of Pain Is To Move Us Into Action, Not Make Us Suffer”  ~Tony Robbins

“The Only Difference Between Criticism And Feedback Is How You Choose To Hear It”  ~Tim Grover

Being Able To See What You Are NOT Good At Will Help You Become GREAT! 

Your Power Is Knowing Nothing When Your Pursuit Is To Learn Everything!

Education is the Most Powerful Weapon You Will Ever Have!
How Much Are You Willing To Learn?
How Good Are You Willing to Get?
How Much Knowledge Are You Willing to Let Soak In?
Knowledge Will Become Your Weapon – That Will Be How You Rise Up And That Will Be The Thing That Will Protect You When You Need It The Most!

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